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Most design processes go through 4 steps. Of course, we do this in good agreement, because MyGraphics focuses on the customer’s wishes! 

intake   1. What are your wishes?
Would you like to have a personal conversation? Are you a caller? Or more an e-mailer? At MyGraphics all options are possible. In this first phase, we inventory your wishes by asking the right questions. Which design suits you or your business? What kind of way do you want to go? Which feelings do you want to convey to your customers? In short, what should we know and do to get the desired result.


ontwerp   2. Rough designs
We now know what your wishes and requirements are. The proces of designing can begin! First, we’ll make some rough sketches. Based on these designs, we look for the best design for your business. With your feedback, we will continue shaping the design until the picture is complete to your liking.


drukklaar   3. Final design
Is the design all the way you want? Then we will prepare the design for further use.


drukken   4. Printing
In order to print your products we will prepare the files so that the most beautiful result is achieved. We would like to take care of your printing and inform you in advance about the possibilities.

Design is not a figure work…
The best creations are created because there is a click between customer and designer!


Telefoon: +31 (0) 6 – 100 524 71
Email: info@mygrahics.nl